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A world without Employer Branding - Agencja Pracy Tymczasowej CRAFTS - ENG VERSION

A world without Employer Branding

Karolina Latus, Teresa Bęben, 2 Luty 2016
A world without Employer Branding

The year 2001 marks a thick line between the world where Employer Branding was considered just another trend promoted by human resources specialists, and the world where companies began to consciously create their image of an employer by choice, thus forming places where employees really feel appreciated and respected, and where they have a strong sense of belonging to a company.

Today, after more than 10 years of observations and research on the implementation of various measures within the scope of Employer Branding, there is no doubt that it becomes one of the most important areas of operation of most organisations. Therefore, it is no wonder that companies more and more often decide to employ specialists in this field, and that the subject itself enjoys great popularity in the HR sector. 

However, we can still come across entities that opt out of this type of measures or regard them only a secondary form of activity, forgetting that nowadays the success of the whole organisation is created by the people who form it, and that it is them that Employer Branding is aimed at.

How does it feel to be the best employer?

Those who have ever lost their phone know how much of an inconvenience it is. We are suddenly missing our "right hand", an important element of our everyday life, a tool and a source of entertainment - all at once. An employer faces similar problems when he/she loses one of his/her best employees responsible for coordination of a project significant for the whole organisation, having knowledge on operation of obscure software and getting along with the rest of the team like no one else. 

Employer Branding is based on activities which to a large extent prevent this type of situations, resulting in employees strongly embracing the company values and considering themselves to be the ambassadors of a given brand. However, for the above scenario to be implemented, it has to be first confronted with many ambitious challenges relating to changing the reputation of the company as an employer, increasing the number of people potentially interested in working in the company, or creating a team of employees which would maximally adapt to the company's organisational culture. 

Despite the huge importance of external activities related to Employer Branding, such a status will be first and foremost achieved through internal actions addressed to the present and new employees of the company, which will create a friendly work environment and foster development. The best employers are aware of the fact that fulfilment of the employees' expectations is not dictated by the current trends on the labour market, but it has actually become a requirement with a substantial effect on creation of the employers' positive and uniform image that is reflected in the functioning of the organisation in various areas of operation. 

"When you're gone..."

Many companies present on the market still focus only on short-term benefits resulting from the undertaken Employer Branding activities, which in many cases are limited to responding to the current personnel demand, moderating the "career" tab on their websites or participating in job fairs. However, as it turns out, it is the strategic and long-term solutions in this respect that increase the dominance of a given entity in its sector and strengthen its position on the market. Therefore, before we begin to treat Employer Branding only as a nice supplement to the everyday activities of the company, we should consider what we may lose as a result of such an approach. The main benefits gained by companies which use a comprehensive approach to Employer Branding activities, include:

  • Spontaneous applications, submitted to the company without it previously announcing vacant positions, as a result of a positive image of the employer,
  • Application quality, proving that the specialists in their fields apply for a job in our company,
  • Employees' credentials, increasing the percentage of people employed thanks to the reference system and reducing the costs of recruitment processes,
  • Reduction in employees rotation, resulting from the willingness to stay with the company for a long time,
  • Increase in employees motivation, which will allow employees to be proud of their workplace and to carry out its good PR activities,
  • More positive and less negative opinions on the employer,
  • Competitive advantage, which attracts to the company managers and specialists who were previously looking for employment with the competition,
  • Support for company brands, since many consumers associates high quality products offered by a company with the company's reliability as an employer.

On the dynamically developing job market it is obvious that the best candidates want to work with the brands which stand out on the market. Companies which have begun to gradually work on their internal and external Employer Branding several years ago, can count on the image created so far to attract the best employees, for whom they will become the employers by choice. This is why we should abandon the opinion stating that "the real Employer Branding is only for the big players". Regardless of the size of our company, this kind of activities can bring these measurable benefits we often long for in our world without Employer Branding.